10 Things Always Keep In Mind While Testing Your Android App

April 11th, 2017 Posted by Mobile Technonlogy 0 thoughts on “10 Things Always Keep In Mind While Testing Your Android App”

The world of mobile apps is incredibly competitive. There are 2.8 million apps on google play, and per day submission of apps on play store is around 2000. So for creating loyal users for a new app it needs to be top quality, and that requires thorough design and testing.

One of the most difficult aspects of android app development is that it must support so many of os versions, processors and screen resolutions. There are more than 24,000 types of mobile devices running on different os versions and with different screen resolutions.Here we will see the things to be consider while testing an android app.

  • Don’t use Emulators, use real devices:
    No one is going to use an android app in emulator so never test an app in emulator. Emulators do not represent the real state of affairs. Emulators are made for developing purpose not for testing purpose, so always use real devices for good testing.
  • Always use more than one device:
    Use more than one device of different brands. Different mobile companies uses different features in their mobile os like for battery optimization. So try to use more devices from different brands.
  • Always use devices with more than one os versions:
    There are so many changes in every version of os. If an app works on android version 6.0 it doesn’t necessarily work on 4.1 or 5.1 and vice versa. So always test your app on different versions of os including latest one.
  • Use different screen sizes:
    It is not necessary that one app look similar on all screen sizes. If the user sees a screen with elements that don’t align or bad looking ui there’s a good chance they will uninstall the app immediately. So always test your app on different screen resolutions.
  • Test with different Internet speeds:
    There is a major difference in performance according to internet speed if app has rich media content. It is better to test your app on different internet speeds. If some features needs high speed internet then it is better to show user a message regarding that.
  • Check what happens when you lose Internet connection:
    Sometimes internet connection may lost while you are using the app. Make sure the app must not behave in an inappropriate manner. Like while filling form for signing up or making a transection app should work properly with connection losts.
  • Test the functionality & User Experience:
    While testing any android app your first motive must be the functionality test. Make sure app is meeting its core functionality. Everything else is useless if app is not providing the right functionality it is made for.
    After that of course user experience must be good. While testing it must be clear all the time that where you are in the app, navigation must be easily understandable.
  • Check how strong is your app:
    Say no to all system permissions when they are asked by the app. Go crazy with your app, open app and tap on screen anywhere like a blind person. If app works fine without any crashes, get your developers a refreshing beverage, they deserve it.
  • Time to use your friends:
    Ask your friends, family members to help you in testing the app. make friends on the Android Developers forums, you can take their help also.
  • Remember Steps:
    Always do testing with full concentration. If a crash occurs in the app note down the steps to reproduce that. It will be very helpful for developers to resolve the issue.

Try these steps while testing your apps and you will get a well developed android app which users will going to love.


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