Top 10 Features of Android Nougat You will Love

1. Split Screen Mode
Now with android nougat, you can open two apps simultaneously by splitting your screen into two parts. Just open one app and long-pressing the app overview/recent apps button to split screen. So now you can watch video on youtube and reply to a friend at one moment. Even you can open one app in two windows, it can be done for chrome but not for all apps. Open chrome and split it up, now from chrome options select “Move to Other Window”.

2. Revamped Notifications
Notifications have become far more involved and complicated in Android Nougat. It’s a step away from the “Material” interface style.Notifications are now on the full width and fill the entire screen, and there’s less space vertically. For some messengers and hangouts, we can directly reply from notification without opening the app. Nougat bundles your notifications cleverly into groups.

3. Customizable Quick Settings
Now with android nougat, we have the ability to re-arrange quick setting icons according to our requirement, and also we can choose from some settings to show. We can do this with edit option at the bottom right of the quick setting drawer by dragging icons.

4. Settings Menu With New Features
The Settings menu also revamped in android nougat with four major parts. In the settings page, it shows reminders to important tasks and there are suggestions on setting page.There is a search bar in the title bar to make find settings easily. And there is also a side navigation panel for all settings, so main settings can be accessed from anywhere in the settings app.

5. Nougat Data Saver Mode
Data Saver denies internet access to background apps when you’re connected to cellular data. Background apps consume a big part of your internet pack. Data Saver basically does not allow the background apps to use the internet while you are connected to mobile data. It also reminds you with a notification in settings that data saver is on.

6. Doze Mode on the Go
In doze mode, mobile stops most of the tasks and makes resources free. In previous versions of android doze mode only works when mobile is not in use for a while and mobile is stationary.
This is the must condition that mobile should be physically stationary. But now in nougat Dose mode can work even when the mobile is in your pocket or in the bag and moving as well as stationary condition.

7. Do Not Disturb Mode
Do not disturb can actually save you a lot of time and effort when you don’t want to be interrupted. With this we can choose from total silence, alarms only and priority only. You can make automatic rules for special days or time like weekends or sleeping ours.

8. Nougat Camera Shortcuts
You can use a shortcut to switch between front and back camera with twisting the mobile twice. It can not be used to open the camera except in Motorola phones.

9. Set Wallpaper
In android Nougat, you can set wallpaper for lock screen, for home screen or for both.

10. Quick Switching Between Apps
Quick Switching is the switching between two recent apps by double tapping on recent apps button. It is very useful with split screen, you can switch between three apps. For example, while watching video on youtube you can chat on two messenger apps by switching them.