Pre-Development Requirements & Analysis for a Mobile App

Have a good idea for a mobile app? or going to add your business to mobile world? First, think about the pre-development requirements which will be helpful to develop a successful mobile app. By collecting this information and data you can save a lot of development time.
Pre-planning also helps gain insights into your target audience, competitors, and latest market trends. This can be most fruitful in bringing innovative and interesting turning points in the key features of your app. Here are some key points to consider:

Define the Project in a Nutshell
The first step of pre-planning includes preparing a very short description of what your app should be all about. Create a written definition of your app idea that clearly spells out what it will do, who the users are and why they will care about it. Ask some questions to yourself like “why would anyone use this app?”, ”who will use this app?”, “what problem will this app solve?”

Define Unique Selling Point for the App
When you got a brilliant idea for making a mobile app, google it there may be someone who has the same idea. There are 5 million apps on google play store and Apple app store, there will be definitely some apps already on that idea, think how your app can be better than those apps. If your app is not better than the previous apps there are no chances of success. So make your app unique in some ways.

Identify The Audience
Who is your app intended for? This is one of the most critical stages, but when done right, It will help you design an appropriate user experience, something that’s accessible, intuitive, and visually appropriate for your target market. You can set up forums and discussions or connect with them socially to take an online survey. This helps determine what they exactly expect from your app, and likewise, integrate the same in your mobile application.

Choose Platforms
Most app developers will ask whether you want your app developed for iOS, Android or both of the above. Identify with which versions of os the app must be run. And also the app will be supported for all size devices or not, like a tablet, mobile, iPad etc.

Design Your App
Before you dive into the code, you must design. You can take ideas for color combination from google material design. Some developing companies have their own designers you can consult them. You can take some idea of mobile app designs from Material Uplabs. If you want to make the design your own you can take help of tools like JustInMind, TutsPlus, Marvel etc.

Calculate the Budget
Finally the most important thing budget. You should previously calculate the budget for your app, so according to that, you can choose right developer team and technical requirements. Having that figure helps developers estimate what’s feasible for your build, understand the constraints you’re working under, and prioritize features.
After Analyzing all scenarios, hire an experienced and professional development team who can help build the app of your dream, and within the set time and budget.