To Design and Implement really immersive and impressive applications, that will help Businesses to grow Exponentially, while preserving there Individuality in the Market and Fulfiling this Mission has created a streak of successful projects and satisfied Customers


We care for unique and individual aspects of every business and strive to Highlight them in the applications we create. Understanding the variety of user experiences and satisfying all of them at once is what we see as our priority. This is what we Do Best!



Salesforce Development

Implementing Salesforce.com is just the beginning of your sales enablement journey.

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Salesforce Admin

Salesforce administration team works closely with your business owners and subject matter experts to address your ongoing support needs


Salesforce Implementation

Wondering how to go about the decision of becoming a Salesforce customer?


AppExchange App Development

AppExchange is a marketplace of apps that helps companies focus on their customers.

Salesforce1 Mobile Apps Development

Salesforce1 is an innovative mobile application platform by Salesforce.com.


Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce.com boasts of thousands of solutions that simplifies almost any function within your organisation.

System Integration and Data Migration

Salesforce is one of the key players in CRM market worldwide.

Salesforce Lightning

The Lightning Experience is a new, modern, customizable user experience that’s consistent across products and devices.

Mobile Developement

Social Network Or 3rd Party API’s

Alien Brainz has its aptitude in adding Social Networking components to an application and expanding the application’s …

Educational Application

 With expanding request by learners, guardians and instructors for instructive applications and the development in …

Industry-Specific Developement

Industries are the heart beat of economy and applications are the ones that keep an industry alive, to let the World know …

Chat / Messaging

Perfect Partner to Build Your Instant Messaging App that meets various degrees of chat requirements on iOS & Android.

Data Analytics

Data Visualization

It involves the creation and study of the visual representation of data

Data Analyitcs

Any powerful idea is absolutely fascinating and absolutely useless until we choose to use it

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