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In today’s times of high attrition rates and the mindset to change jobs frequently, Alien Brainz believes in long term relationships with it’s newly joining team members. Alien Brainz is an equal-opportunities workplace where individual’s talent, commitment and achieved merit as a team is recognized and rewarded!

We believe in acquiring socially motivated talents with a passion and right attitude for the sector and provide them with choices and opportunities based on their competencies, past performance, aptitude and interests. Our hiring process ensures that each individual matches the position perfectly.

We respect individual choices and aspirations at work and give them a work platform that keeps the individual going. We believe in and invest heavily in creating this platform, where people can run themselves to achieve both for themselves and for Alien Brainz.

A rapidly growing organization, Alien Brainz strives for constant growth of team members in terms of skills, knowledge and responsibilities.

If you're looking for...
  • Positive work environment
  • Endless growth and Learning Opportunities
  • A Seamless Flat Organization
  • Fun-filled and Light-hearted atmosphere
  • Opportunities to work on prestigious & diverse projects
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