About Aliens

At Alien Brainz we believe that challenging yourself
is a path for improvising which will lead the way tomorrow.

About Us

Alien Brainz is a Salesforce and mobile user experience development company based in Pink City, India.We deliver customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and cloud consulting solutions to any business, big or small. As a registered and certified consulting partner of salesforce.com, we are committed to helping you optimize the effectiveness of your business applications.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the numbers first

Growth, in some curious way, I suspect,
depends on being always in motion just a little bit, one way or another

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Great Flexibility

The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers.

Always in time

Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of mediocre.

Top Quality

Customers don't measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver

Business Oriented

If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.

Fast Deliverability

We want to keep pushing the limits to see what's possible. That's the nice thing about us- no one is stopping you from going faster.

Multiple Awards

Having you as our client is the biggest award we would ever get.

Our Mission

To Design and Implement really immersive and impressive applications, that will help Businesses to grow Exponentially while preserving there Individuality in the Market and Fulfilling this Mission has created a streak of successful projects and satisfied Customers.


Our main idea is to grow big but with you. If your business increases our goodwill increases, cause you grow we grow, you win we win.
Our main motive to earn respect more than money

Core Values

We believe in delivering WOW through Services. AlienBrainz will “Create Fun” and a “Little Weirdness”. AlienBrainz will help you being Creative and Open-Minded. Main motive to build an Honest Relationships with Communication.

Your Partner to Success

We have a long-term vision which starts with an enduring mission to help our customers and partners build, deliver and manage innovative software solutions.
Our future goals are planned in accordance with this mission which serves as the standard for measuring our actions, strategic decisions and performances.

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